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The Fire

The Fire on the Mountain (an Ethiopian folk tale) People say that in the old days in the city of Addis Ababa, there was a young man by the name of Arha. He had come as a boy from the country of Guragé, and in the city he became the servant of a rich merchant, Haptom Hasei. Haptom Hasei was so rich that he owned everything that money could buy, and often he was very bored because he had tired of everything he knew, and there was nothing new for him to do. One cold night, when the damp wind was blowing across the plateau, Haptom called to Arha to bring wood for the fire. When Arha was finished, Haptom began to talk. “How much cold can a man stand?” he said, speaking at first to himself. “I wonder if it would be possible for a man to stand on the highest peak, Mount Sululta, where the coldest winds blow, through an entire night without blankets or clothing and yet not die?” “I don’t know,” Arha said. “But wouldn’t it be a foolish thing?” “Perhaps, if he had nothing to gain by it