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Gebre-Kristos Desta (1932-1981), 'People disguised' (1973), oil on board 91.5 x 70.5cm (36 x 27 3/4in)


By Gebre-Kristos Desta
Translated by Mitiku Adisu

The journey to imitate,
The journey to interpret,
To swim alongside colors,
To swim along lines, and
Confrontation with light
Never ends.

To pack gaps with impressions of existence;
To track down, to search,
To birth the new,
To engage the Unseen, to
Interrogate Life,
To interrogate Self,
To interrogate the Universe,
To traverse, to soar, to tread
Way above the moon,
Above the stars,
Above the heavens,
And elsewhere; to fill chasms,
To hide behind thoughts private;
To lead to discovery;
This journey never ends

© Blue Nile Poems (p.47-48), 2018 by Mitiku Adisu
"መነሻ ስዕል" | ገ/ክ ደስታ፣ 3/8/1955 ዓ.ም.