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Just Read!

Just Read By Mitiku Adisu There is something special about reading the Bible that is both transforming and refreshing. It is the Word of God! So pick it up and read. Read in complete books. Begin at the beginning and read through to the end in one, two, or three sittings. Recently, a friend called to tell me what he considered a major benefit of the lockdown; he said he spent the day reading through the Book of Genesis! Yes, all fifty chapters. Yes, he did take a lunch break! Isn’t that wonderful! The question now is this; absent a pandemic, would my friend have taken a day off just to do that? We are told that Ezra the priest read Scripture to the people of Israel from daybreak to noon! The hearers were on their feet and apparently very attentive, because they soon became aware of their shortcomings and started to weep. Weeping was followed by prostration before the Lord. Soon they were feasting and sharing the good things they had received from the Lord. It was here that we rea