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A Handshake

The Last Handshake By Mitiku Adisu Shaking hands may be on the way out, says Dr. Fauci of the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases. According to him, handshakes could mean the difference between staying healthy and contracting a deadly disease.  How the dire warning will affect social relationships—especially within the believing community—will depend, to some extent, on the cultural context, as, for example, the Easterner will feel the severity much more than the non-Easterner. A host of questions demand our attention.  How will the "six-foot rule" define seating arrangement, congregational singing, hospitality, and the administration of the sacraments? Will visitors be looked upon as hosts to some deadly virus?  Will we see fewer visitors as a result?  Will eleven o'clock on Sunday morning worsen the already greatly diminished diversity that is the hallmark of Jesus’ new community? (Acts 2:5-13; 13; Revelation 5:9; 7:9)   Will we be seeing a

Pointers in the Present Crisis

Pointers in the Present Crisis By Mitiku Adisu COVID-19 now has the human race under its grip. We see parallels between the nature of the novel virus and our sinful nature; both intimate separation and stealthily decimate life. We don't, as yet, have a full picture of what is going on with our planet. But we can be certain that the God we worship, in his infinite wisdom, will bring us to a better understanding of himself and our situation.(Romans 8:28) We are in familiar and unfamiliar territory all at the same time. Conventions that nurture our humanity are summarily swept aside. Corporate worship is disrupted. We are in a lock-down against our will. Safety and fear are endured in physical isolation. Information swirls around us without let up—some of it useful, much of it a vexation to the spirit. "Why me, why us, Lord?" would be merely compounding the physical isolation . So what might we learn from the current crisis? (John 9:3) Firstly, the reality we ar