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"Tree of Hope"

“Tree of Hope” 

When my hope like a tree was clipped, 
Knocked down, pulled up and about to snap 
As a glimmer of light dimmed   
And the eye of day shuttered 
I spread and wrapped myself in sackcloth
Unaware New Year was here
Unaware of Adäy my flower
I sat in the belly of a dense night 
Intent to unfocus my thoughts,  
To rebuke a weepy heart
And pin my hope on despair.

Poet: Debebe Seifu, 1971 | "የተስፋዬ ዛፉ"፣ ለራስ የተጻፈ ደብዳቤ፣ 1963 ዓ.ም፣ ገጽ 19 | Translator: Mitiku Adisu | ©2019
Note: Ethiopian New Year is in September (11th) and Adäy flowers (Bidens macroptera), endemic to Ethiopia, returned during this time. The poet possibly is mourning his beloved Adäy.