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Buna Kaffa Coffee ቡና

Buna Kaffa Coffee ቡና

       Jimma-Bonga, Ethiopia | Photo credit: 


Kaffa bounteous city of fresh hot brew;
Land of Jiffar and of coffee, Jimma land;
Divan of spring water from a mountain citadel;
Effusive majestic red soil; irrigated reddish womb;
Land of the never-ending harvest;
Black coffee turning watery brown;
Coffee, Kaffa’s namesake; fresh sniff abol beckons
To elevate one to company of the Splendid;
Kaffa zest, ripening coffee wonder;
Foggy rain drenched forests on wings of mist; cloud borderlines;
Hunting ground, thronging beasts;
Land of Jiffar and of the lion-hearted;
The giraffe’s towering looks;
Fiery-eyed, mane-saddled cats thundering deep calls in the night;
Land of Jiffar and of coffee, Jimma land,
Of early morn coffee crave; of bounteously fresh hot brew.

Poet: Tsegaye Gabre-Medhin ጸጋዬ ገብረመድኅን። "ከፋ" | Esat Woy Ababa እሳት ወይ አበባ | 1999 ዓ.ም.፣ ገጽ 170| Translator: Mitiku Adisu, © 2018 
Blue Nile Poems © 2018 by Mitiku Adisu, p.83 | ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.