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The Curtain of Jesus’ Body

 The Curtain of Jesus’ Body  By Mitiku Adisu credit: I grew up viewing beauty in Ethiopic and Byzantine architecture and icons; in sweet-smelling incense; lit yellow beeswax candles; bright multi-colored priestly robes; and in chants and a dedicated community sharing after-service meals.  As you stand facing a curtained area where only assigned priests are allowed, you sense a certain distantness, even holy terror. You are warned not to take a peek or ask too many questions. That is a hard sell when you are a teen-ager! Regardless, the running prayers, psalms, and prostrations are too engaging for such thoughts.  So did God reside behind those curtains? Why do I walk around with an anxious heart? Am I on my own upon exiting the sanctuary? How do I relate to an unapproachable God? How many angelic intercessions and gifts did it take to ease my fear of life?  Now see Jesus on the cross, crying out in a loud voice. Do you not hear the gospel? At that momen