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You Shall Circumcise

You Shall Circumcise  By Mitiku Adisu Debates over infant male circumcision are raging once again. A recent report by Johns Hopkins warns as well as suggests that “State governments need to start recognizing” the medical benefits and costs of not having infants circumcised. Top pediatricians are now agreed the benefits of circumcision far outweigh the risks. Some scientists and parents do not agree, obviously. Others decry any “cutting” as tampering with a beautiful thing Evolution has allowed to survive. Yet others are quick to point out parents [adults] have no business deciding for a helpless infant and that the infant should decide for itself at a later date. As in all public debates finding resolution to such intimate and emotionally charged matter is not easy. Shall we then leave it at that? By all means, no. First, the suggestion that adults should not decide for infants is simply absurd. What are parents for then if not to make decisions the best they could for and w

The Fifth Patriarch

The Fifth Patriarch  By Mitiku Adisu The Fifth Patriarch of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, Abuna Paulos, died late last night at a local hospital of undisclosed ailment. He was 76. Abuna Paulos was enthroned in 1992, some say, by the current regime while the presiding Father was still living. The Church was split in two, as a result, [the one group going into exile]. Attempts to bridge the chasm, however, could not succeed. His tenure was further marred by controversies and corruption. Especially controversial was the erecting of a life-size statue of himself in front of Medhane-Alem [the Savior of the World] Cathedral at a cost of about $30,000. Among his achievements are the return of stolen ancient church artifacts from British Museum , the reopening of Holy Trinity Theological Seminary shut down by the previous government, and establishment of similar study centers. His plan to reform the hierarchy was, however, met with stiff resistance. Who his successor will be i