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Attack on Ethiopian Christians

Below is news we received from Ethiopia of militant Islamic groups attacking Christians and burning down churches. We have withheld names to protect their identity. Ed.
[BEGIN] Islamic groups attack Ethiopian Christians
After a four-year break, Muslim fundamentalists are once again attacking Christians in Jimma region, 300km west of the capital Addis Ababa. The attack took place in different locations starting 2 March 2011. According to local church leaders, several churches and Christian homes have been burned down.
Location and number of Churches burned: Asendabo - 3; Chiltie - 1; Gilgel Gibe - 1; Nada - 4; Dimtu - 2; Uragay - 1; Busa - 1; Koticha - 1. [total: 14]

Name and number of evangelical churches attacked are as follows:
Ethiopian Kale Heywet church - 8; Mekane Yesus - 2; Muluwengel - 2; and Adventist - 1.
Over 35 Christian homes have also been burned down in broad daylight and families displaced to the backwoods. Church leaders reported that children and women are greatly affected by the aggression. Estimates are over 1000 people are now homeless and dependent on relief aid. As we prepare this report more attacks are taking place in nearby communities.
We request Christian brothers and sisters to pray for the churches and for Muslims involved in the violence. END