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Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his godly ones

Chief Ojulu Okok Gilo passed away Source: Anyuak Media July 19, 2010 (GAMBELLA, Ethiopia) – A well known Anywaa Chief, Ojulu Okok Gilo (Ojulu Wara Akori) died on July 16, 2010. The late chief was enthroned last two years following the death of his brother Chief Chuleng. His inauguration ceremony too place in his ancestral village of Pokedi and was attended by over 5000 indigenous Anywaa from all over the four corners of Rivers along which the Anywaa people live; Openo, Gilo, Alworo and Akobo Rivers. During his live span, the Chief Ojulu Okok (Wara Akori) was known of his kindness and politeness towards his subjects and all people whom he interacted with. He was the first chief approached by the missionaries to spread the Good News and became an evangelist to reach Anywaa people with the Good News. He became the first Christian and we believe his soul is with our Lord.
Chief Ojulu Wara Akori is brave man who loved his Anywaa home land and he tremendously opposed the land grabbing policy until he departed on 16/07/2010. The Anywaa and the world lost a great leader, hero and peace-loving person. We are saddened by his death at the time when we need his wise advice and courage in this troubled time in Anywaa people's history. The late Chief Ojulu Wara-Akori body was laid to rest at his home village, Pokedi on 18/07/2010 in accordance with Anywaa tradition. His burial took place in the presence of his elder son, Okok Ojulu and his family members who travelled the whole night from Addis Ababa to attend the funeral. The late Chief Ojulu Wara-Akori was one of those who died very proud when his granddaughter, Chunna Okok, won the title of 2009 Miss Ethiopia beauty contest held on January 20, 2009 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. His granddaughter, Chunna Okok, received an award of diamond ring worth 60,000 Birr, according to competition organizer Ethiopian Village Adventure Playground. May God Almighty rest the Soul of Chief Ojulu Wara Akori in peace! We all pray to Almighty God to bless all his relatives and the people of Pokedi at this moment in time.